The Vault Bullion lets you buy gold and silver bullion online at the lowest possible price.


The Vault Australia specialize in sales of Australian and foreign gold and silver bullion bars and coins. 


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Private & Institutional Investors

welcome to the vault, australia's first safekeeping depository service.

The Vault is Australia’s leading safekeeping depository trust service. The Vault Australia fills the gap, providing consumers with the safekeeping receipts required by their banking and financial institutions.

The Vault is a regulated precious asset secure depository trust supplying storage services facility to domestic and international private clients, trusts, superannuation, pension funds, and corporations. The Vault has a strong reputation for excellence and innovation and offers a variety of depository services to cater for all needs.

Different than a normal deposit of monetary assets in a bank, our procedure holds the asset and, as needed, issues safekeeping receipt to the client; the monetary asset is not owned or in any way usable by The Vault.


The Vault is located in a Sydney icon premises, the Burns Philp Building.

  • Safekeeping Depository
  • Transportation/ Delivery
  • Authentication
  • Evaluation
  • Blocked Assets
  • Safekeeping Receipt

the vault bullion

The Vault is a unique facility located in Sydney – Australia, which has created a revolution.

The Vault offers a range of benefits not normally associated with current safe facilities.